A closer look at Big Kahuna casino game

It is a non-progressive best online casino game with five reel slot. It provides up to 8,000 line multipliers with 9 play line. Up to five Big Kahuna casino gamecoins in each line every any player will get the chance to play. On the other hand, there are 2 bonus rounds which can be played with scattering symbol and a wild symbol. This is one of the favorite games of players because of scary  music which played in the background. The game has excellent and beautiful graphics and animation. The game has following bonus features.

  • A pair of bonus icons
  • Wild symbol
  • Bonus game
  • Scatter symbols

The big kahuna is a very simple game which can be played like other slot game. If you want to win a top class prize then you need to put up together one string of 5 wild symbols across the line. In order win the game you have to hit some matching symbol on the pay line, however, you can match the symbols vertically and horizontally. So there are so many ways to win the big kahuna slot.

Up to 45 coins, you can bet on this game while you also have the option to bet between 0.05 and 2.00. The wild symbol is the icon of the big kahuna. Scatter symbol indicates monkey icon which you can see in the game, it also can help you winning even a lot of times.

Big kahuna bonus features

If we talk about big kahuna bonus features then we can start with the volcano bonus. You can try to get three volcanoes in one reel which is the best luxurious side of the game. At should have 3 to 5 volcano symbols on a play line. The prime aim of this bonus is to choose a fruit that will deliver maximum winning amount.

Big Kahuna Casino GameThe second one is known as mask bonus where you can pick the right mast and increase your chance of winning. The masks are equivalent to some number of coins and magical which you can for future games.

The big kahuna casino game offers plenty of fun and surprise for the players. If you’re playing the first time you must try the free game online before putting your real money on the table. The game can make you rich but if you don’t know how to handle the game it can also pull you down to the lowest level.

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